Huaorani Community Tours

Ome Gompote Kiwigimoni Huaorani




The Ecuadorian government requires that all travelers visiting the intangible zone  provide proof of up to date vaccinations for the following: yellow fever, hepatitis A & B, influenza, and tetanus. For tours originating from Coca, visitors will be taken to the ministry of health to present proof of vaccinations before beginning their trip. For tours originating in Puyo/Shell, visitors are responsible for visiting the local ministry of health on their own before departing for Bameno.

Drug Tourism

Under no circumstances will the Huaorani of Bameno prepare or administer mind-altering drugs for visitors; this includes but is not limited to ayahuasca. The Huaorani will not under any circumstances cater to requests to exploit ayahuasca for its recreational or hallucinogenic properties.

Hunting Tourism

Under no circumstances will visitors be allowed to kill animals when accompanying the Huoarani on traditional hunts. The Huaorani have sustainably hunted animals such as monkey, peccary, and tapir for thousands of years. For millennia, traditional Huaorani hunting practices have synced with the incredible biodiversity of their forest surroundings. Exceptionally fit tourists may with great care follow the Huaorani on traditional hunts, but under no circumstances will they themselves be allowed to participate in a hunt.

Entrance into Bameno

All visitors to the community must first communicate with Penti Baihua or another current resident of Bameno before traveling to the village. Entrance into the community with outside guides or without proper permission from community residents is prohibited.

Projects for Commercial or Public Use 

Filming, research, or investigation in the community resulting in projects of a commercial or public nature require a written proposal approved by Penti Baihua and Bameno’s international counsel, Judith Kimerling. All filmmakers, authors, artists, etc., without exception, entering the community for such projects must pay $135 per day for a customized visit plus a $200 community/conservation fee. In addition, location fee, royalties, and other residual compensation must be discussed with Penti Baihua and Judith Kimerling before entering the community.


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